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Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour

Destination: Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef
Duration: Day Cruise

Departs: Cairns Daily 8.00am
Returns: Cairns Daily 4.00pm / 4.30pm

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Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour
  • Seastar - Michaelmas Cay & Hastings Reef Tour

The Cruise

Seastar visits two spectacular reef locations on the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns!
Michaelmas Cay is on the Great Barrier Reef is not only world renowned for its thousands of nesting sea birds but also for its myriad of coloured reef fish, giant clams and colourful corals that grow right up to the shore of the cay itself.
Seastar arrives at Michaelmas Cay and as the boat moors, it is at once surrounded by large and friendly Batfish. These inquisitive, harmless fish enjoy swimming with snorkellers. Seastar's comfortable tender can transfer you the short distance from the boat to the cay’s edge. Birdwatchers can take the first tender to the beach and enjoy sighting the apprehensive and shy black napped turn, little turn and ruddy turnstones before they move out of sight into the restricted or nesting areas of the Cay, as frequently happens when the visitor numbers on the beach increases.

From the cay's edge you can walk out into the shallow, protected waters of the cay; adjust your mask, fins and begin to snorkel! Your Seastar cruise includes wetsuits to keep you warm and floatation vests to help you swim. You do not have to swim far as the coral begins only a few metres from the water’s edge.

Introductory Scuba Divers will find that Michaelmas Cay is an excellent location to try their first dive; the shallow waters are not as intimidating for those unaccustomed to diving and with the assistance of the vessel's friendly, professional Dive Instructors, Introductory Divers will be guided to interesting corals, clams and marine life!

Certified Divers, you will feel at ease as patient, professional staff guide you. For the more experienced Certified Divers, there are a variety of dive locations. With the beach, reef and corals being so easily accessible, Michaelmas Cay truly is the perfect location to practice your snorkelling and diving before heading out to the more adventurous 'outer edges' at Hastings Reef. While travelling over to Hastings Reef you will often see dolphins, turtles and whales during their migration.
A delicious Hot & Cold buffet luncheon including a variety of hot dishes, cold meats, selected breads, tropical fruits and salads is served enroute whilst travelling from Michaelmas Reef to Hastings Reef. On arrival at Hastings Reef you will be content, rested and ready to enter the water again.

On arrival at Hastings Reef you will arrive at 'Seastar Lagoon' in the 'Fish Bowl', one of the best parts of Hastings Reef right on the outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef! Hastings Reef is a very different reef to that of Michaelmas Reef and Cay. Typically of Outer Edge reefs; the reef rises steeply from the deep water ocean floor, such that the front the bow of the Seastar floats in 20 metres of water, while at the back, the stern of the boat hangs just off the reef's edge in 3 metres of water.

After practicing and familiarizing yourself with the snorkelling and diving at Michaelmas Cay you are now ready to experience the true wonders of this magnificent reef. There are coral caves, coral overhangs, deep water drop offs, coral canyons, swim throughs and shallow coral bays that are located only metres from the side of the vessel. Along the steep edges of the reef, there are swirling schools of small fish, colourful parrot fish, turtles, giant clams, small reef sharks, bright yellow butterfly fish, pairs of rabbit fish, countless varieties of brightly coloured damsel fish and of course, Nemo or Clown Fish!

The snorkelling area at Hastings Reef has a depth of water over the top of the reef that may be only one metre but at the bottom of the drop off on the reef's edge; the depth falls away up to 10 metres. Having already snorkeled in the shallow waters of Michaelmas Cay, you will have gained the experience to tackle this spectacular reef!.

If you are still not yet quite comfortable snorkelling or would simply like to learn more about the reef and its inhabitants, you can join in on the vessel’s guided snorkelling tours. Guided snorkelling tours offer passengers the perfect opportunity to safely snorkel under the crew's watchful supervision!

Scuba Divers, this is your reef! Certified Divers, take your time to enjoy exploring all that this reef has to offer. Dive through swim throughs, search the coral caves and interact with friendly fish. Wally the Giant Maori Wrasse might follow you around like a playful puppy, as he loves attention!

Introductory Divers, if you enjoyed your first dive at Michaelmas Cay, you will find that the experience gained during your initial dive will assist you to fully enjoy your second dive at Hastings Reef. With a Dive Instructor by your side; you will be guided to the easily visited and more interesting areas of this truly amazing reef.

With over 5 hours at the reef you are able to enjoy up to 2 Certified or 2 Introductory Dives as well as enjoying time to Snorkel in between if you wish.

On departing Hastings reef, afternoon tea is served; take the time to relax up on deck, as you make the short journey home, arriving back into Cairns between 4.00pm and 4.30pm
Glass Bottom Boat

Join in on a guided Glass Bottom Boat tour on the ‘Superviewer’ with full commentary to help you learn about the reef whilst staying dry.

Trip Includes
  • All snorkelling & dive equipment
  • Delicious lunch including Hot & Cold buffet selection including Hot & Cold dishes, Salad Selection & Fresh Tropical Fruits
  • Marine snorkel and dive briefings
  • Friendly professional crew
  • Large fast, comfortable catamaran with comfortable saloon and dining area
  • Crew assisted guided snorkelling tours
  • Buoyancy Vests, Floatation Devices, Wetsuits, Lycra suits & Optical Masks
  • Glass Bottom Boat Tour at Hastings Reef 
  • Two spectacular Outer Barrier Reef locations each day, Michaelmas Cay and Hastings Reef

Rates - Snorkelling - Valid 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2024
  • Adult AU$240.00 per person includes Government Reef Tax and Port Charge 
  • Child (aged 4 - 14 years of age) AU$160.00 + includes Government Reef Tax and Port Charge 

Please Note: Infants aged under 4 years of age travel Free of Charge 
Optional Extras - Introductory Diving - Valid 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2024
  • 1st Introductory Dive (includes full gear hire & guide) AU$75.00  
  • 2nd Introductory Dive (includes full gear hire & guide) AU$45.00 
Optional Extras - Certified Diving - Valid 01 April 2022 to 31 March 2024
  • 1 Certified Dive (includes full gear hire) AU$55.00 
  • 2 Certified Dive (includes full gear hire) AU$45.00  
Return Coach Transfers from Cairns City & Cairns Northern Beaches Accommodation
  • From Cairns City Accommodation $20.00 per person return
  • From Cairns Northern Beaches Accommodation $28.00 per person return
Optional Extras
  • Soft drinks, beer, wine etc.
  • Souvenirs
  • Underwater camera hire

Important Booking Notes  On making a reservation please indicate in 'Comments Box' on 'Booking Form' if any Optional Activities are required e.g. Introductory Diving or Certified Diving (please indicate number of participants, type of diving and number of required dives),and / or any other requirements that you may have regarding your booking, such as optional return coach transfers from accommodation and special dietary requirements 

Important Information for Diving & Snorkelling
Each diver is required by law to complete a statutory medical declaration form before partaking in any in-water activities. Diving is available to Introductory Divers on successful completion of a Dive Medical Questionnaire. Some medical conditions or medications may prevent you from scuba diving unless a current Queensland Diving Medical Certificate can be shown to the Dive Instructor. For example: heart disease, asthma, epilepsy or diabetes can preclude safe diving. Please contact us prior to travel should you have any concerns. It is also recommended that the diver does not fly within 24 hours of the last dive. Certified Divers should bring Dive Certification Card or Divers Logbook as proof of certification.

Please be aware that snorkelling may be a strenuous activity, any existing medical conditions should be considered prior to snorkelling.

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